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Show some love to your people this Valentine’s with Mitrefinch

Valentines Blog

Since it’s the Valentine’s season, those of us of a romantic disposition will no doubt feel that love is in the air. As with most relationships, we believe that Valentine’s provides the perfect opportunity for organisations to demonstrate their commitment and dedication to their people.

Your HCM function offers the perfect framework to show a little love to your people this Valentine’s. At Mitrefinch, we believe that technology has the potential to transform the way in which you work and that’s never more true than when it comes to how you and your people teams can explore new ways of rewarding your people for their hard work.

Our Time and Attendance, Payroll and HR manager solutions serve as stand-alone services or a seamless, integrated people management experience and offer your organisation the ideal way to show your people how much they mean to you this Valentine’s day.

Furthermore, as with all the best relationships, that loving feeling doesn’t have to end on the 14th. We believe that strong, effective people management and a healthy ethos around rewarding hard work is the hallmark of a modern, forward thinking organisation and the systems and technology you have in place should be designed to help you create an environment where your people love coming to work.

We wanted to explore the power of HCM technology in supporting your people teams and how they can help you show some love to you people this Valentine’s.

Time and Attendance.

The role of HR teams has until recently been seen as heavily admin based- from handling matters of employee development and discipline to processing leave requests and matters of sickness, it’s clear that your HR people are dealing with a myriad of commitments.

Time and Attendance systems have traditionally borne the brunt of this outdated perception of HR, being seen as little more than a tool for organisations to punish their people and put in place draconian checks and balances around clocking in and out.

Now however, it’s clear thatTime and Attendance solutions are beginning to move away from this  misrepresentative reputation they had of being little more than means for bosses to monitor and discipline their employees. Organisations across sectors are beginning to open up their hearts and see the value of Time and Attendance systems as a way of freeing their people from the monotonous drudgery of identifying and correcting anomalies, allowing them to focus on the most business critical aspects of their roles and love their work.

More importantly, having clear visibility of who is working and when allows you to remain more agile in your scheduling, ensuring you have ready access to the information you need to guarantee you can have the proper cover in place.

Annual leave is a key benefit for all employees. The ability to step away from the workplace for a week or two and recharge your batteries (or to celebrate Valentines day) is vitally important in order to ensure people can remain engaged and productive. One of the best ways to show some love to your people is by ensuring you have the right framework in place to actively handle absence management, leaving you free to encourage your people to take a well earned break.

One of the most transformative elements of Advanced’s Time and Attendance solution is that it allows you the ability to put the power in the hands of your people and give them the freedom to take charge of their own schedules.

 With our Time and Attendance solution, you can:

  • Boost self service functionality- allow your people to take charge of their schedules, their absence requests and clocking. Comprehensive Time and Attendance solutions allow your people to clock in remotely from a tablet or mobile device, meaning they stay connected with the heart of the business wherever they are working from.
  • Engender trust in your people by allowing them to take charge of managing their schedule. With visibility of hours worked, you have the freedom to allow employees to craft their own set up.
  • Keep your people connected with the organisation via a comprehensive employee portal. Give your employees access to a one stop shop for all their Time and Attendance needs. Allow them to clock in and out, make absence requests and view holiday allowances and payslips, all on an easy-to-use platform.


It’s no exaggeration to say that payroll sits right at the heart of your business. Ensuring that your payroll is run smoothly and with consistency week after week or month after month is absolutely crucial to the ongoing success of your organisation and for making sure your people don’t fall out of love with your company. For many businesses, their payroll represents a significant logistical challenge each month- one which their pay teams rise to time and time again to avoid heartbreak. It is also one of the few elements within a business which spans across the entire breadth of an organisation, necessitating the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently with various disparate elements.

Most importantly, your payroll serves as a microcosm of your company ethos. Inaccuracies or delays to the pay cycle can lead unneeded stress and anxiety for your people, not to mention painting your organisation in an unfavourable light. The ability to identify and head off errors before they lead to a lasting impact, is one of the most valuable qualities that your payroll people can bring to your organisation.

Ultimately though, the importance of payroll is how it exists as the ultimate way to reward your people and show your appreciation for their efforts. As more and more organisations find themselves faced with questions around maintaining levels of employee motivation and engagement, the answer may in fact lie with your payroll function.

After all, what is payroll if not the ultimate love letter to your people? Our Flexipay solution has been designed to give you the tools you need to ensure that you can always reward your people for their hard work and dedication and guarantee a pay cycle which is seamless, fast and accurate, each and every time.

With Flexipay, you get:

Real time calculations – instantaneous gross to net

Super speed processing –calculate BACs in under 20 minutes

Pay on-demand – employees can draw down earned pay as they need it

Reporting – building your own reports has never been easier

Employee on-line access – data, documents and payslips

Flexipay offers you the scalability and flexibility you need to completely transform the way in which you run payroll, capable of working effortlessly across multiple sites and pay grades. Whether operating as a standalone system or integrated with our Time and Attendance, HR and Access Control solutions to form a comprehensive Workforce Management solution.

HR manager

The wider working world is now waking up to the potential for their HR function to be a truly influential and transformative element within their respective organisations, the heartbeat if you will. With the workforce more widespread than ever before and hybrid working models a dominant factor and here to stay, all businesses want to understand how to remain connected with their people and ensure that they don’t lose that loving feeling.

Having an overview of your employee’s overall happiness and levels of engagement is absolutely vital in enabling organisations to drive forward their future strategies. Your people are at the heart of everything and so logically by safeguarding their wellbeing, you are in turn taking care of the long term health of your business

Our HR manager solution takes the strain off of your HR teams, freeing them from the drudgery of manual input and admin heavy tasks and allowing them to focus their efforts on being the heartbeat of your business.

With access to instantaneous and powerful reporting at the touch of a button, you have the metrics at your fingertips which you need to drive forward conversation around employee wellbeing and engagement. With our intuitive absence profiling, you are better placed to identify areas where your people may need your support, helping guide discussions around what help or resources they may require.

Our HR manager solution also works seamlessly with our Time and Attendance and Payroll solutions, meaning that your organisation can begin to fall in love with an interconnected and intuitive workforce management experience.

What’s next?

We think your people deserve love and attention all year round- not just on Valentine’s day. Our suite of Workforce Management solutions are the perfect way for you to show your appreciation to your workforce and to also ensure that you are always keeping your finger on the pulse of their needs.

We all want to feel loved, especially at this time of year, which is why organisations across all sectors need to think about the best ways to show some love towards their people. It’s clear that the workforce management solutions of today are vastly different to the older, more maligned systems of yesteryear, which were seen as little more than punishment tools. Today’s technology and systems offer a unique opportunity for organisations to reaffirm their commitment to their people and to help ensure high levels of engagement and motivation.

Mitrefinch is a leading global provider of integrated Time & Attendance, Payroll, HR and Access Control solutions. Since launching the world’s first computerised clocking system back in the early 1980s, Mitrefinch has gone from strength to strength and provides a range of customisable workforce management solutions to small, medium and large sized organisations across the globe.

We believe that technology can help you achieve more with your business. We believe in empowering your people and giving them the tools they need to thrive and help drive forward the success that your organisation deserves.

If you would like to find out more about how our Time and Attendance, Flexipay and HR Manager solutions can help  you show some love to your people this Valentines, get in touch today.







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Mitrefinch needs the contact information you provide to us to contact you about our products and services. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. For information on how to unsubscribe, as well as our privacy practices and commitment to protecting your privacy, please review our Privacy Policy.

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Mitrefinch needs the contact information you provide to us to contact you about our products and services. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. For information on how to unsubscribe, as well as our privacy practices and commitment to protecting your privacy, please review our Privacy Policy.

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