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We do not leave things to chance. Get dedicated, professional implementation support, shaped to suit your needs.


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Implementation benefits

Dedicated professionals all working towards a common goal

Which is the efficient installation and implementation of your software. We make our implementation process as painless as possible and ensure you get guided training on how to effectively use all your new systems. This means you can trust that the end result will be a system perfectly configured to meet your needs.

We make implementation look easy

With a dedicated account team devoted to managing your project, on-site help from engineers and our implementation team, and ongoing support, we make implementing our solutions a dream.

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We make it our business to learn all about yours. Book your consultation today and let us get you the painless switchover to your new people management software that you deserve.

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What you will get with us

A dedicated project manager

An on-site engineer during installation

An on-site implementer during installation and implementation

Specialist training on how to use all systems

Trusted implementation with minimal disruption



Mitrefinch Workforce Management Solutions

Want to transform the way you manage your workforce? Find out how we can help you reduce operational costs and improve efficiency and productivity.

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