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Monitoring staff and access control

Biometric Time & Attendance Software Solutions

Keeping tabs on staff is not always easy for businesses, particularly larger organisations. If you have a large number of employees, it can be difficult to track who is in the building at any one time. This can pose a number of problems for businesses, especially in terms of security and staff safety. However, there are a number of ways around this. We discuss these in further detail below


Setting a clear and transparent policy about the management of the building is essential and will greatly help when it comes to monitoring thpose that use the building. Ensuring that staff and any security personnel are aware of these policies, will help them to recognise those that are not permitted to gain entry into the premises.


Using good-quality, industry standard locks and automated systems is especially important when locking up the building for the night. Automated systems are better, because it negates the need to rely upon someone to be physically present to lock up for the night.


Biometric time and attendance technology is one of the most advanced systems for ensuring that only authorised persons are able to use the building. The technology works by using fingerprints to verify the identity of the staff member in question. The privacy of those that use this is also ensured, as the software offered by Mitrefinch store only fingerprint templates, not actual fingerprints. As the design of the biometric technology is created and manufactured of Mitrefinch, it offers the maximum flexibility with tailor made packages to suit you.

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