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Managing your workforce in an efficient, fast and smart way can significantly improve your business in terms of profit and productivity.

As market leaders in Time and Attendance software, we know that a Time and Attendance system that reduces costly errors, saves you and your company time, and gives you an easy-to-use, hassle-free experience is really important. That is what you’ll get with a Mitrefinch system!


What Mitrefinch will do for you…


Reduce absenteeism and improve punctuality Reduce absenteeism and improve punctuality -  Take a look at our ROI calculator and see how much you could be saving your company by implementing a Mitrefinch system.
Employees can take control

Employees can take control – With our system, an employee can see schedules, hours worked in the past, holiday time, and other entitlements that are remaining. Employees also have the power to request shift swaps and holidays, without time-consuming face-to-face meetings.

Line managers can quickly and easily approve or reject requests

Line managers can quickly and easily approve or reject requests for holidays and shift swaps via our system and also see a whole department’s holidays that are already booked.

Employees can take control of their own time and attendance

Access the Mitrefinch system via PC, Tablet and mobile - Employees, managers, heads of department and even MDs can access the Mitrefinch system on-the-go via 3g/4g wifi, meaning holidays can be approved in between meetings or even mid-commute. 

is everyone on holiday at the same time?

Is everyone on holiday at the same time?  – With a Mitrefinch system you can create rules that say, for example, “In this department only 2 people can be on holiday at any one time.” This is just one example of the almost limitless rules that can be implemented with a Mitrefinch system.

Flexible working

Don’t bend over backwards for flexible working – Do you have parents, careers, job-sharers or part-time staff in your company? Mitrefinch is uniquely suited to keeping track of hours worked and holiday entitlements.

We are used by world leading companies and organisations

We are used by world leading organisations so you can rest assured that our system is equipped with the highest standards to keep up with the kinds of complex requirements that big companies need. You will be able to use and grow with Mitrefinch for years.

Mitrefinch live and breathe HR

Mitrefinch live and breathe HR and, as such, we ensure that current, and future legislation changes can be built into the system to ensure your company is fully compliant and up to date.

Do you have existing Payroll and HR systems? Not a problem

Do you have existing Payroll and HR systems? Not a problem! Information from the Mitrefinch Time and Attendance system can be used and exported directly to your existing HR or payroll system, removing the potential for error and data double entry.




Self Service

Biometric Time and Attendance Mobile Time and Attendance Employee self service
Click here to see how Biometric Time and Attendance could change your working life... Do your employees work away form the office? See how Mobile Clocking can help... Let employees book their own holidays and save time and paper work...



Driving productivity   

Want to see how Time and Attendance works in practise? Take a look at the impact Mitrefinch made on the UK’s largest provider of supply chain solutions in the frozen food sector

Driving Productivity for Logistics Group.


Biometric clocking terminal

Our Biometric clocking terminals are created to the highest standard to allow you to take advantage of increased security and increased accuracy.

Reduce absenteeism and improve punctuality Our Biometric system only stores fingerprint templates, not actual fingerprints, protecting individuals as well as improving security.
Employees can take control

Prevent borrowing of cards to gain access to controlled areas

Line managers can quickly and easily approve or reject requests

Reduces time and attendance fraud, prevents ‘buddy clocking’ - where one employee clocks on for another


To find out more about Biometrics in Mitrefinch click here. 


Biometric clocking terminal


Proximity Terminal

For different circumstances we offer proximity terminals which can handle key fobs, pin / keypad entry, swipe cards and id badges. 


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 Proximity Terminal




Web based Clocking 

With a Mitrefinch system employees can use our web-based application to manage their own Time and Attendance across the web. This means employees can clock in and out via their PCs.

Reduce absenteeism and improve punctuality Employees can also clock onto Jobs or tasks via Mitrefinch TAS.
Employees can take control

Mangers or Supervisors can view real-time data on clock in and out


Eliminate “buddy punching”. Buddy Punching is when employees clock in using each other IDs (key fobs ID badges etc)

Web based Clocking

No software installation for PC users.



Web based clocking

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Mitrefinch Time and Attendance software allow employees to track their own clockins and more from any location. We support Apple, Blackberry, Android and Windows Phones, our solution is web based meaning any smart phone will be able to access these functions.

Employees can…

Clock in and Clock out via their mobile phones Clock in and Clock out via their mobile phones
Employees can take control

Clock in and out of projects


Request holidays and other leave requests via their mobile.

Web based Clocking

Use GPS technology via the mobile phone to give an accurate position of where as well as when they clock in and out.    




Supervisors can...

Reduce absenteeism and improve punctuality Have all the functionality of an employee but with the added functionality needed for someone who is responsible for other employees.
Employees can take control

Clock an employee in or out


Clock in groups of employees in or out

Web based Clocking

View a list employees who are onsite in real-time   


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Landline clocking

Are you looking for a cost effective and easy to use method to clock employees in without extra equipment? With Mitrefinch Time and Attendance you can track those who work remotely, and those who work onsite by having them phone a number to clock in.

Clock in and Clock out via their mobile phones

Works on any landline phone - Employees dial a reverse charge number to clock in and out, this data is immediately sent to your Mitrefinch system. Managers and supervisors can then see this
data in real time from within the Mitrefinch system 

Employees can take control

Mobile and remote workforces - An ideal solution for companies with remote workers that need a a simple way to clock in and out each day. With landline clock in you get an easy to set up, easy to use and equipment light solution. 


Reduce errors - Overpayment errors and time abuses will be a thing of the past with a Mitrefinch system. 

Web based Clocking

No more ring rounds, endless voicemails or log sheets - Bring your Human Resources into the 21st century with our landline clocking option  

landline clocking


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Text Alert Clocking

Why not have your employee’s clock in using text message? Do you need a solution for staff members that may work remotely but may not have smart phones? Mitrefinch software can accept text messages to a certain virtual number, these are then read by the system and processed.


Quick and simple Quick and simple - The employee sends a text message with their employee number to a virtual phone number. These text messages are then read by the Mitrefinch system and updated as a clock in or a clock out.
Clock in and Clock out via their mobile phones Doing more - The Mitrefinch system can be configured to give details such as the area an employee is in within your premises or the job or task they are working on. We can also set the system up to record where in the UK that text message was sent from to give you not only time and attendance but locational data. We also use similar technology to power our rostering system.  

 No additional hardware required - simply use a mobile phone to text your details in to the system. 


Simple and easy to use - The system is as easy to use as simple as sending a text message but gives mangers and supervisors so much knowledge and workable data on a workforce that it translates to a really powerful system.

Text alert