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Our HR Software allows you to save, update and analyse employee records 


Would you like a centralised location for all employee details, contracts, holiday, benefits, training and qualifications? Would you like to be able to run reports on this data quickly and easily? Mitrefinch HR software is what you need!

Either as a standalone product or as product complementing our Time and Attendance System, our HR Software performs all the tasks a HR professional needs quickly and easily. Take a look at the benefits this software can bring you…


Centralised location

Centralised location - Our HR software increases efficiency, reduces admin time and minimises the risk of error by having a centralised location for your HR function.

Get your information easily

Get your information easily - Retrieving your vital information is quick and easy to do and manage.

Changes can be dated

Changes can be dated - Changes to items can be back dated, current or future dated. For example if a completed training session has been signed off but is not active until a certain date then this can be handled easily within the system.

Reduce absenteeism and improve punctuality

Point in time analysis - Did you know who was qualified when? Do you need to report on past situations in HR? Well with our HR software you can run Point in Time analysis of your workplace.

Supporting HR

Fully supporting HR - Our software fully supports statutory maternity, paternity and adoption rules as well as compliance with all employee legislation.

Employees Empowered

Employees empowered - Employees can view and request holiday as well as check annual leave entitlement. 

Track HR process

Track HR process - Employee processes can be tracked and analysed, processes such as recruitment and disciplinary procedures become easy to track and update.

Be reminded of important tasks

Be reminded of important tasks - Pop up reminders of tasks that need completing come as standard with our software as well as a diary feature which populates outlook task manager. 

Calculations available to help you

Calculations available to help you - Our software also has functionality to help calculate sick and holiday pay.

The Bradford Factor

The Bradford Factor – The Bradford Factor is calculated within the system to help you identify where absence is causing issues for your company.

is everyone on holiday at the same time?

Permissions - Users can have restrictions on their account so some employees can have ‘read only’ access whilst a Head of HR can have a ‘read and edit’ permissions. 

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Are you managing 100s or even 1,000s of staff and that filing cabinet is becoming disorganised, hard to use and cumbersome?

You might like to consider the Mitrefinch HR system…


Retrieving documents is just a few clicks away compared to trying to navigate through a series of files just to find that one document. This could you save you valuable time responding to common queries.

Absence Management

Documents can be filtered by employee or by type of document (i.e forklift driver training). This allows you to find what you want quickly and easily.

Spot trend

Changes to documents can be back dated, current or forward dated, this is a great feature that a lot of our customers enjoy. If your staff require in-date training on machinery at all times then our system can ensure that is the case and when audited it will show that this is the case if applicable.


More than filing




Difficult questions can be asked regarding employees; how many employees need training within the next 6 months? How many employees hold a certain qualification? When was an employee first qualified to operate a specific machine?

With Mitrefinch you will have all the answers at your fingertips, this means HR can become an efficient machine and questions can be answered promptly and you can analyse your workforce effectively.


Analysing your employees

It’s really important to Mitrefinch that you feel supported by us to enable your business to flourish. We not only do that by supporting you through our UK based call centre but also through our software helping you daily.

How do we support you through our software?

Track absence

Supporting you - With our HR software we support you by ensuring you are compliant with all current legislation, we are aware of up and coming legislation and adjust the software to ensure you are fully compliant. 

Absence profile

Calculations at your finger tips - You can perform calculations within the software for holiday leave. There is nothing worse than trying to work out a pro-rata holiday entitlement and second guessing your calculations. Our software will work those calculations out for you, no more second guessing.

Accept or reject

Are you forgetful at times? Our system will remind you of important tasks such as when training is to be reviewed before it expires. This ensures you don’t miss any important HR functions.

Create rules

Access levels – You might want a Head of HR to have more control than a HR executive within the system, that’s not a problem. We can also denote different permissions for a whole series of different roles in your company. These permissions enable you to run a controlled and efficient HR department.  


Supporting you every step of the way


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