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Time and attendance in the Retail industry

With the impact of Brexit still unclear, it’s imperative that your organisation take control of all the little issues that can affect productivity and efficiency. No mean feat. But with the right time and attendance software you can revolutionise the way your organisation works, tracking and reporting on everything that can affect the work of your employees.

Mitrefinch time and attendance software can help your workforce:

-Self-serve and so reduce time spent on admin
-Track time spent on tasks
-Clock in and out with ease – even if they’re working remotely

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Effectively track time spent on jobs 

With the potential for staffing concerns, it’s more important than ever to quickly and accurately be able to identify how long a job or task will take so you can adjust your schedules appropriately. Our software includes a Time Allocation System (TAS) feature lets employees ‘clock in’ to tasks and projects. TAS clockings are separate from those used to start and end shifts and so won’t flag as an anomaly on the system. It means you can identify where tasks are taking longer than they should and allow you to manage your labour costs more effectively as you can then schedule only the staff needed to work that day based on the assigned tasks.


Help employees to help themselves 

The employee self-service feature means that your workforce can manage their own planned absences, easily submitting requests through the system without having to speak to their supervisor. Supervisors can also set limits on how many people can book off absences on any particular day, so employees can instantly know if an absence request is likely to be accepted. It also allows employees to account for any anomalies in their usual working hours, such as late starts, early finishes, or missed clockings and send this to their supervisor for approval. Supervisors can then approve or deny these and speak to the employee in question if they need more information.

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Improve clocking in for all employees  

Our software can improve clocking for all your employees, including for those who work remotely or are on the road a lot (like Area Managers). There’s even an option to geo-locate the clockings so you can be assured that your remote workers are where they should be. Our software allows your employees to clock in and out via a terminal, through the web, a smartphone or tablet, or even through their Outlook inbox.

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