Software Developers (all levels required)


United Kingdom



A good grounding in theory and processes is more important than tech and tools.  A great developer can pick up anything, so proficiency in any of the following would be great but not essential: Process models (Agile, Scrum or Spotify); Processes (DDD, BDD or TDD); Patterns and paradigms (MVC, MVP, MVVM).

Ideal candidates will:

  • Be motivated and excited to take responsibility for large parts of our applications
  • Enjoy working as part of team with business analysts, testers and other fellow developers
  • Ensure technical feasibility of designs
  • Deliver a great user experience
  • Actively collaborate with all team members
  • Want to work on cutting edge features designed to disrupt the market and challenge mature processes. The sprints are short and focus on progressive enhancement
  • Be prepared to do some automated testing as we believe this is a shared team-wide core responsibility

What we would like to see from you:

  • Azure (App Services, serverless functions and Cosmos DB) experience OR
  • Native (React Native, Android and iOS) experience OR
  • AI, machine learning and decision problems experience OR
  • Continuous delivery experience OR
  • Web (MVC, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript) experience OR
  • C#, .NET Core experience

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