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Businesses waste an average of £91,594 a year due to inefficient systems and poor employee data

Inaccurate employee time-tracking, manual processing of timesheets, wages being paid to absent employees... it's all strangling the potential for productivity and profitability gains in many UK organisations. We'd like to help make sure you're not one of them.


It's about time

Each year workers spend around 21 days dealing with slow, outdated tech. That’s over 157 hours wasted every year for employees working 7.5 hour days. It’s no wonder then that businesses are losing billions due to wasted time and that poor time management is considered the biggest obstacle to business growth. The solution? A complete, real-time data view across the workforce with powerful reports to match.

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Making the Most of Time Webinar

Webinar series: It's about time

If you feel you and your organisation are living a life of workforce "data chaos", you’re not the only one.

Rapid digital advancements, flexible working, the gig economy and requirements for real-time management employee data reporting are just a few of the challenges faced by today's business leaders.

This webinar series will help you understand workforce data challenges and start working towards greater productivity and profitability in your organisation.

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Could your businesses increase productivity with better time and attendance?

Productivity is getting worse in the UK, with employees losing 35.6 days of productive time in 2018 (compared to 23 days in 2014). But what can be done to increase business productivity? The right time and attendance system can help you take control of the countless elements that affect productivity. Let us show you how…


Are you still dealing with time-sheet chaos?

Mitrefinch’s online time-sheets are trusted by brands all over the globe, from SMEs to FTSE 500 enterprise companies. We’d like to help you take control of time-sheets in your organisation!

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