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Programming for Primaries


The 9th to the 18th March marked the National Programming for Primaries event – shining the light on the subject itself, as well as support and resources available to schools.

To celebrate the occasion our intrepid Business Analyst, James Hart, went back to the classroom for the afternoon to talk all things tech to a baying audience of Year 6 pupils. Read on to see how he coped!

“Heading into my stepson’s school, Huntington Primary in York, I was instantly struck by how tech-heavy some school environments can be in comparison to what I expected, or what I remember! In some schools computer systems  are used to enrol visitors, access control is used on external doors, CCTV is often in place, morning registrations are regularly taken on an iPad, and giant monitors throughout schools (which wouldn’t look out of place at Google HQ)  are often used to display what pupils have been up to.

My brief was simple. Present to a number of Year 6 pupils what you do as a job within the technology industry. Easy you would think – but WHAT in my role as a software Business Analyst, would resonate with a sea of 10 – 11 year olds?

I set up, armed with giveaways of canvas bags, pens, sweets and my very own pop-up stand.

To kick things off I covered the changing face of technology when I was their age. Children’s engagement levels were amazing and they instantly bought into the fact that programming and coding is prevalent in everyday life. From the computer games, they play and share, to the pelican crossing on the way to school. I’d won the audience over already!

I moved on discussing the Mitrefinch products, demonstrating our Biometric Clocking in system and I have to say, it really was fun. Their interest in what I did and how it impacted the bigger picture was phenomenal, and when referring to the household brands that use the Mitrefinch software there were ripples of noise and recognition.

I am massively proud to have been involved in such a project. Coding and programming is an integral part of so many careers and are key to this generation of school children. It’s critical that we encourage and breed ‘tech-positivity’ in our kids – we really don’t know where coding could take them in life”.

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Scratch / Scratch Jr

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