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Defined job descriptions “outdated”

Remote workers

Employees should be given more opportunities to define and adapt their own roles rather than rely on strict job descriptions, according to suggestions by the UCL School of Management. Assistant professor Vaughn Tan concluded hiring high-performing people should be more innovation to attract the very best talent and achieve top results.

“Because we can’t predict the future, companies that need to innovate often have only a partial idea of who they need to hire and what those people need to do,” explained Professor Tan.

“Under these circumstances, it makes no sense to hire people as if we know exactly how their roles should be defined.”

“New people join knowing a large part of their roles are undefined, and they work out how to customise their roles so they’re personally satisfying and useful to the teams they’ve joined.” The study advises firms to ensure their hiring practices are suitable to the changing needs of business and are flexible to find the best candidate.

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