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Future proofing your workforce

future proofing

It’s what every manager dreads – one of your top workers handing in their notice totally out of the blue. It throws up a whole host of problems to deal with on top of your day-to-day stresses, from having to start up the hiring process again to managing the impact their resignation might have on the rest of the workforce.

Although there are many reasons why an employee might be heading for the door, having a comprehensive retention strategy in place can help reduce staff turnover and retain your top talent. After all, it’s not enough to just have a strong workforce – you need to be able to hold on to them. Here are a few ways to do just that.

Acknowledge performance

Everyone wants to feel like they are succeeding at what they do, and that their contributions are making a difference to the business. If an employee can see the positive impact that they are having through measurable results, they will develop a sense of belonging and loyalty to the company. Providing positive feedback is also a simple but sure-fire way to show your appreciation to your employees, to keep them motivated and spur them on to go above and beyond.

Offer opportunities to grow

If an employee feels as if there is no room for them to advance or improve in their careers, they can quickly become disillusioned and start seeking opportunities elsewhere. Demonstrating that you envision them as part of the company’s future can go a long way to making an employee feel valued, so take the time to figure out the best ways to get them where they want to be. In-house training or external courses are powerful ways to show an employee that you are investing in their future and considering them to be a vital part of the company’s success.

Show them trust

A micro-managed employee is an employee who feels undervalued and distrusted by management, which will have an impact on their productivity and happiness at work. Offering them autonomy over certain elements of their working lives, such as giving them the freedom to control their own hours at work, demonstrates trust in their abilities. An employee who feels secure and trusted is more likely to be proactive, boosting the overall productivity in the workplace and giving them more confidence in their role – factors that are central to employee retention.

Communication is key

The best way to gauge how an employee is feeling about their position is simple – just ask. Proper communication with your workforce will give you insight into their thoughts on how the business is running, so make sure that your employees know those channels of communication are open to them. Holding regular meetings and one-to-ones or offering employee surveys are great ways to gather their opinions and suggestions, which you can then use to make your workplace somewhere they want to stay, so that you can work towards achieving your business goals together.

Employees are the most precious assets that your company has, so if they aren’t feeling valued then they will quickly find another employer that treats them accordingly. Taking steps to improving your employee relations strategy will help you ensure that you are attracting the top talent – and keeping them.

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