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Employees ‘need office design to reflect different ways of working’


Businesses have been encouraged to create office spaces that reflect the different ways in which they work.

According to research carried out by Senator Group for Allermuir, nearly nine in ten workers do not use the same settings for different tasks if they have the option, FMWorld reports. Indeed, nearly half of those who said they normally write and work at desk height said they would like to be able to change height during a typical working day. Many also expressed a desire to not sit at a desk chair if they are sharing ideas, as well as sit at a more relaxed posture if they are reading emails on a smartphone.

Adrian Campbell, a workplace design specialist at Senator Group, commented: “We will always need a place to sit down, focus and work in the traditional sense. “But for other tasks, attitudes are changing. Conversations over social media, email and instant messaging have overtaken the phone and changed the way we design work spaces.” As a result, Mr Campbell insists that office environments need to offer more variety and choice when it comes to how they are furnished and laid out. He added that when office spaces are being designed, the only people who aren’t consulted on the matter are “those who actually use it”.

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