Mitrefinch's Implementation Methodology provides a structured process that clearly defines the tasks, responsibilities and relevant milestone deliverables within each phase of the installation process.

Mitrefinch has an in-depth understanding of how to deploy complex business solutions to a multitude of client organisations. We are very sensitive to the fact that our suite of applications generally effects every employee throughout your business. Our services team will recommend fast and manageable approaches and help you organise and successfully deploy our intelligent employee management solutions, even in the most complex organisations.

Our focus is to ensure that our clients achieve very high degrees of business value and can deliver on time and on budget. Whatever we do, the Mitrefinch team is focused on doing it right the first time and not just addressing your needs today, but positioning you to maximise future opportunities as well.

Seamless integration is key to employee management implementations. Typically, an employee management system will link with Human Resource and Payroll systems.

In addition, integration may be required to other systems such as Work Order, ERP, Scheduling systems or others. The Mitrefinch professional services team has a great deal of experience designing and building these integration points and can consult with your internal team on best practices in design, development and use of Mitrefinch mapping tools.