Time Allocation & Job Costing

Stay in control of your costs by investing in a system that will allow you to measure the capacity and efficiency of departments and employees.

Our powerful Job Costing system allows you to plan daily and weekly tasks across multiple cost centres, compare planned tasks and budgets with those already achieved, and track projects by hours, quantity, or cost.


Accurate calculations

Accurate calculations – Calculate accurately the cost of tasks within your business, allowing you to quote with greater precision and reduce wastage. 


Reduce costs - Plan effectively and reduce costs with effective labour planning and overtime control.


Using big data – See key metrics of your workforce displayed as graphs, planners or custom reports. Also track projects by hours, quantity or cost. 

Flexible clocking

Flexible clocking – Employees can clock in and out of different cost centres via PC, tablet or smart phone.


Working Time Directive – Our software ensures all staff are covered by the Working Time Directive. 


Compare – Take a look at your planned tasks against those achieved and compare projected budgets and costs incurred.


Real-time analysis – View work in progress and use our easy set-up wizards to get to the data that matters quicker. 


Future Work Planner – Our Future Work Planner function allows you to see daily and weekly tasks across multiple cost centres and see staff deployment according to budget.


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