Rostering Software, see how our rota software can help you save time

Streamline your staff rostering system with rostering software from Mitrefinch. Our system makes it easy to schedule your personnel and manage your workforce.

If you’ve ever had the responsibility of creating or maintaining a roster of staff shifts you’ll know how stressful, time consuming and costly the process can be.

Mitrefinch’s Rostering Software takes all that pain, time and hassle from creating shifts away and leaves you with a fully customisable, easy to use system tailor made to your business requirements allowing you to focus on strategic tasks.

What else can the Mitrefinch Rostering System do for me?


Employees can take control Alerts – Our system can notify you of potential problems, such a shift budget exceeding or not enough available employees to fill the desired shifts

Budgets – With our software you can set budgets to ensurewages do not exceed a certain limit, this allows a company to forecast with greater accuracy. Overtime costs can be capped and controlled

Line managers can quickly and easily approve or reject requests

Contracted hours – Mitrefinch Rostering System makes it easy to ensure a staff member is scheduled to complete their contracted hours on a created shift

Flexible working

Skills Matrix – With a Mitrefinch system you can allocate employees skills to prioritise which shifts they should fill first. For example a forklift driver will fill the forklift post before any other post

Reduce absenteeism and improve punctuality

Compliance – Current legislation is taken into account with our system. The working time directive for example is inbuilt to the system and other custom rules can be created to ensure both legal and unique workplace rules are taken into account before your roster is completed

is everyone on holiday at the same time?

Payroll integration – Like all elements of the Mitrefinch system our software can export key information to payroll software meaning our rostering system can improve the efficiency of your payroll

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The Mitrefinch Rostering software has a skills matrix where the ability of an employee is attributed to them. This could be anything from being trained to lift items at work to being first aid and fire marshal trained to anything in between.

This enables you to roster employees based on their ability to do certain jobs within your company or to ensure there is always a fire marshal or first aider on site.

With our skills matrix you can also:


Manage – Skilled workers can be managed between shifts, departments and teams. Ensuring that your business is always covered and able to function at its best.

Absence Management

Analyse - See a workforce’s strengths and weaknesses and identify where training or recruitment might be necessary.

Spot trend

Ensure – Make sure that training is always up-to-date. 


using your staff's skill

Being alerted to potential problems of understaffing with a rostering system is essential and with Mitrefinch we can alert you in two different ways.

The first is our Open Shift Notifications. These notifications can be sent by a supervisor for example of the system to employees, departments or the entire workforce, and can be filtered on areas such as skills or number of hours already scheduled.


The second way is Roster Coverage Alerts. When you’ve completed your normal rostering tasks and a role is unfulfilled, our software can notify managers or supervisors that there is an issue relating to a post that hasn’t been filled.

Other alerts that the system displays:


The system can be alerted if an employee is mistakenly scheduled to work when unavailable.


If an employee will exceed working time directive or overtime.



Employees can register their own availability with our software, making the daunting task of confirming availability quick and easy.  Take a look at what else the system can do regarding employee availability…




When coverage for a job or shift is required a list of eligible employees can be displayed, a manager or supervisor can select the position to be filled or allow the system to automatically assign people to tasks.

Spot trend

Shift swapping – Our rostering system can allow employees to swap allocated shifts with one another. This can be overseen by supervisors / managers or without needing approval as long as certain criteria are met.




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