Rostering Software, See how our rota software can help you save time

As experts in developing Time & Attendance solutions for more than 30 years, Mitrefinch recognised that simplifying the rostering system could be of great benefit to businesses, saving valuable time and enabling management to focus attention on the strategic and operational running of the company.

The right rota will depend on the nature of your business and the working patterns that are required. Creating a staff schedule that meets the needs of both your business and your team can be a difficult and time-consuming task.

That's why here at Mitrefinch, we have worked hard to develop fully automated staff rostering software that takes all the hassle out of creating a rota. The solution can be fully customised to the needs of your business, making personnel scheduling a breeze so you can focus on other responsibilities.

Not only does our system save valuable time, but it will also ensure that your finished schedule complies with all legal and business requirements. It is fully adaptable and will provide notifications if potential problems arise - such as exceeding a shift's budget.

In addition to offering an automated rostering system, our workforce management software can take care of other HR duties. 

For example, it can do time allocation and job costing, as well as time and attendance tracking. Plus, it integrates easily with various payroll systems and access control devices.

Key Benefits

  • Fast and efficient workforce planning
  • Time and cost savings
  • Easier communications with employees
  • Reduction of Admin
  • Task automation

Why do you need a rota software?

Whether your business is in the health, manufacturing, retail, transport or any other sector, scheduling your team will require you to consider a number of variables.

Just some of the things you'll need to take into account include:

  • Operating costs - You'll want to ensure that the cost of paying your selected workforce does not go over budget

  • Contracted hours - In most cases, workers will expect to be given a certain number of hours, according to their employment contracts

  • Staff capability - Different team members will have varying skills, training and abilities and you'll want to have the right mix to help ensure problem-free shifts

  • Remote working and flexi-time - If you have personnel who have non-traditional working patterns, you'll need to make sure this is included in your staff rostering system

  • Working Time Directive - According to EU legislation, there are maximum limits to the number of hours that people can work in a given period. A certain amount of break time must also be provided by law

  • Changes - Sudden changes to your staff schedule could be caused by absences or an increase in production needs

The rota software offered by Mitrefinch can be programmed to take all of this - and more - into consideration when generating a staff schedule.



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