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Payroll software, see how our easy to use payroll software can save you and your company time and money

Whether you have 50 employees or 50,000 employees our payroll software makes running payroll easy. Our payroll software is recognised by HMRC and complies with all of the latest payroll legislation, including RTI and Automatic Enrolment.

Our payroll software allows customisation to meet the needs of your business, the flexibility in our software means we can save your company even more admin hours and even more money.


Take a look at our key features below…


Auto Enrolment – Mitrefinch payroll software fully supports Auto Enrolment. This means our software can cope and manage your Auto Enrolment needs for your employees pensions. By 2018 all employers must have a pension scheme in place and why not let our software take the strain of this requirement.    

Payroll system

Run reports – A whole host of reports can be taken from our Payroll Software including those needed for an audit from HM Revenue & Customs

Get your information easily

Easily link -  Your workforce data can link to your payroll data

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Fully supported – Like all Mitrefinch systems and software, our Payroll Software is supported by our UK based call centre.

Payroll software

Audit Trail – “When was a change made? Who made that change?” With Mitrefinch Payroll software you can see when a change was made and by who.

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Payments – Payment to employees can be via BACS, Cash, Cheque or Giro.  Payments to HMRC can be made by BACS using Mitrefinch Payroll Software.


Unlimited – You can have an unlimited number of pay groups

HMRC approved Payroll Software

HMRC accredited - Our payroll software that has been tested and recognised by HM Revenue and Customs.

Payroll software

Custom – Payroll definitions, additions, deductions, calculations, and parameters are customisable within the Mitrefinch Payroll System

Payroll solution

Tax – Multi tax year history for company and employee is available as well as automatic tax, national insurance and Small Employer Relief calculations. The system can also auto update SSP, SMP, tax and NI for multi companies if required.

Payroll software

Parental pay – Our software can deal with complex pay needs such as Statutory Maternity, Paternity, Adoption and Shared Parental pay.


Deductions – Student loans, CSA and Attachment of Earnings are functionality built into the Payroll System.

UK payroll software

Statutory Parameter Records – A complete history of Statutory Parameter Records can be held on the Payroll System.



Access Control

Absence Management 

Time and Attendance

Access Control undefined Employee self service
Access Control, know who comes in and out of your premises and work areas  - find out more >>> In any business, attendance management is an important consideration -  find our more >>> Managing your workforce in an efficient, fast and smart way - find out more >>>



undefined   Employment Law Change 2017: What you need to know - take a look at the latest law changes taking place in 2017

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Does the phrase “End of year” strike terror into your Payroll department? Part of the reason could be P11Ds, the HMRC required end of year report detailing an employee’s expenses and benefits during that tax year.

Mitrefinch payroll enables the P11D information to be submitted directly to HMRC from within the Payroll software. This may sound like a small part of the functionality but it saves a lot of time for your payroll staff and has been a welcome relief to our customers.

To find out more information about how we can help your business through our Payroll software just fill out a form on this page or phone 01904 565919.



Mitrefinch payroll software fully supports Auto Enrolment. This means our software can cope and manage your Auto Enrolment needs for your employee’s pensions. By 2018 all employers must have a pension scheme in place so why not let our software take the strain of this requirement.  

What else can we do?

Track absence

Reports – We have 6 standard reports for pension auto enrolment, custom reports of course can be created at any time.


Prepared - Because our software has been able to do this for some time you can be safe in the knowledge that your auto enrolment needs will be taken care of.


Multiple pensions – Our powerful software can handle multiple pension plans for your workforce. Not only that but we can split the different pension plans by a defined group or individual employee. 



As of April 2013 it has been mandatory to submit information to HMRC at the time of payment rather than waiting until year end. What our customers find really great is that Mitrefinch supports all 5 submission types for RTI:


Employees can take control

EAS Employer alignment submission - This is a once only submission to send a full list of employees to HMRC to make sure their records match yours.


FPS Full payment submission - This submission contains payment information and is sent every time employees are paid.

Line managers can quickly and easily approve or reject requests

EPS Employer payment summary - This submission contains company information and should be sent each tax month to tell HMRC how much you are reclaiming from your tax bill.

Flexible working

NVR NI number verification request - This submission is optional and is used to obtain an employee’s national insurance number.

Reduce absenteeism and improve punctuality

EYU Earlier year update - This submission is to submit amendments from an earlier tax year. 

Save on printing payslips and P60s with Mitrefinch Payroll. With our payroll software the arduous task of printing and delivering payslips and P60s will be a thing of the past, we’ve made it easier than ever to email employees their payroll information.

Track absence

Save on time – It takes time to print P60s or payslips, often on specialist printing material, then to enclose them in envelopes as well as sending them to employees. This process not only takes up time from your payroll staff but it also gives a slow experience to employees of your business.

Absence profile

Save on money – Printing documents always carries a cost; the toner, the paper, the envelope, the postage, not to mention the money lost by staff performing inefficient and repetitive tasks.

Accept or reject

Improve employee experience – Employees will appreciate the speed in which they can access their payslips or P60s. They can even forward them to their personal email addresses to store at home without the need to print them off.

Create rules

Save the environment – The obvious benefit of reducing your printing is the environmental factor of reduced toner, reduced paper costs and if you were sending documents out via post the reduced environmental impact of sending this mail. 


Supporting you every step of the way


One of the main things our customers constantly feedback to us is how great our software is for reporting. We work hard with our customers to create reports that not only enable them to analyse important information but create analytics then genuinely add value to their business.

Examples of some of the reports we create: 

Track absence

Nominal ledger – Businesses spend money, and they also (hopefully) make money. This core information will give you two figures over any period of time: the amount of money the business received, and the amount of money the business spent. There is no denying that this is important information, this tells you whether you are making money or not. It’s a great report to have and something our customer really enjoy.


Cost breakdown – Trying to work out how much a task or product has cost your business can be hard but with our payroll software you can see how long an employee or group of employees have been working on a task and report on the cost of their time.


Open and historical cycles – year on year reporting can be difficult with some payroll systems but with Mitrefinch you can report on current pay cycles but also report on past pay cycles, making Year on years reporting simple and easy.




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