Self Service HR

Transforming the HR management process

Modern life is all about self-service, making systems more convenient for individuals to use and more effective for businesses to use. Allowing employees to perform their own HR admin tasks is transforming the workplace and freeing up valuable HR time to concentrate on higher-level strategic issues.

Take a look at how the Mitrefinch’s Self-Service HR system can help you, your HR department and your company work more efficiently by empowering your employees.


How HR Self-Service can help you


Keeping track

Keeping track - It can be hard keeping track of which employee is job sharing, what their entitlements are, making sure flexi-time isn’t abused, and employees working in remote offices. Mitrefinch Self Service allows all employees to be able to complete simple HR admin tasks without consulting with the HR department each time.


Central – The HR system acts as a central repository for all employee HR files including discipline, training records, employee details and more.


Requests – Any requests, authorisations or rejections trigger an auto email notification which is sent to the employee so they are always kept up-to-date with decisions taken within the system.


Employees – If you are an employee using HR Self Service you can check and update your own records, quickly and easily update personal details subject to authorisation from HR and submit leave requests.

Fully supported

Fully supported – Our UK call centre will be on hand to help you through any questions you may have with the system.



To get in contact with Mitrefinch regarding this or any other part of our systems simply fill out a contact form and a member of our team will be in contact as soon as we can.


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