Visitor Management

First impressions are everything. When a visitor arrives at your site using our system they can sign in via touch screen and have their custom made ID card created for them. Instructions are then given to them via the touch screen of their next step for their visit.

You can set up visitor access control permissions so they only have access to certain areas of your business, and if you’re also using our Fire Evacuation System they can be included in the process if an emergency should occur on site.

What else can the Mitrefinch Visitor Management System do for you?

Track HR process

On site rules – Upon arriving and interacting with the visitor management system a visitor can be shown a series of screens displaying your site’s Non-Disclosure Agreements, Health and Safety, and other important information.


Reduce risk – Visitors can be given restricted access to different areas of your business to limit risk of injury or sensitive information being viewed without consent.


Reduce staffing levels – The Mitrefinch system can work without human interaction using touch screen technology. In some locations this can reduce the staff required to maintain your reception desk area.


Integration – Not only can the Visitor Management system be integrated into other Mitrefinch systems but Time and Attendance users can also book visitors from within their Time and Attendance software.


Create a standout experience – By allowing your visitors to sign themselves in, with a custom branded visitor management system you’ll be showcasing your brand and business from the very first point of contact.


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