Vehicle Access

Our high quality vehicle and pedestrian barriers will prevent unwanted intrusion and damage on your site.  It will also provide a more secure environment for customers, visitors, site buildings, staff, vehicles and anything else at risk on your premises. 

We offer two vehicle control systems: the Standard Traffic Control Barrier and the High Security Traffic Barrier.


What else can Mitrefinch Vehicle Access do for you?



Security - Keeping car parks and vehicular access routes secure is a big issue and a major headache for all businesses.  Our barriers restore control to business owners and managers, and help to keep out unwanted visitors and undesirable elements.  

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Reduce Liability - Liability for unwanted vehicles and pedestrians can rest with you in the event of an incident or accident.  Installing and managing our traffic control barriers is a clear indication of intent to deter invasive visitors, especially if it is linked into our Access Control system to simultaneously protect your staff's entry rights. 


Displacement - Keeping out uninvited visitor parking will help staff and customers from having to search for alternative parking, helping your organisation to run more smoothly.


Deliveries - Having full control over visitor parking means that delivery routes can be kept clear, ensuring that supplies inward and products outward will not be disrupted.   


Customer Parking - Controlling parking and vehicular access is extremely important when customers and the public will have access.  Having clearly marked and controlled public parking can help to keep a regular turnover of parking spaces for customers and visitors.


Support Service - Keeping our customers up and running is a high priority, and the reason why we have invested heavily in developing a knowledgeable set of experts to run our Support Helpdesk.

We also have a dedicated team of support technicians who are committed to getting you back on track. Our flexible range of maintenance options will give you complete peace of mind at a price you can afford.  


Options, options and Options! - Our standard Traffic control barrier is suitable for everyday traffic control in manned or unmanned environments, it has a 3 metre boom but longer booms are available. Detection loops can be fitted for automatic exit operation if required.

Our High security traffic banner has rising ramp access restriction barriers for use in higher security applications as well as being hydraulically operated and provides a very effective traffic barrier that cannot be bypassed by normal vehicular traffic without the risk of serious damage.

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