Access Control

Access Control, know who comes in and out of your premises and work areas  

A state-of-the-art Access Control System which can be separate or fully integrated with Mitrefinch’s suite of systems, secures your business, monitors access, allows you to report on movements and so much more! 

Because we source, supply, install, and maintain your access control system, it keeps things simple and gives you a great value product.

See why we are so proud of our Access Control offering:


Heritage – We have the history and experience to do the job right. With over 450 sites with our access control system installed, controlling access for millions of workers every day at places such as Walkers Snackfoods, GlaxoSmithKline and RWE Npower

Custom Design

Custom designed for Mitrefinch - All access control units are designed and manufactured exclusively for Mitrefinch to meet our exacting and rigorous quality and safety standards.


Analyse - Monitor and report on, authorise and control access to various zones within your premises.


Access - Ensure visitors, employees and supervisors all have access to the correct areas of your premises with an auditable trail of where they have been.


Security – The security of your business is of critical importance. With Mitrefinch you will increase the security not only of your building and premises but the contents of your premises and of course of your staff.

Calculations available to help you

Save on additional security – By investing in an access control system you can save money by negating the need for security guards and other security measures. An audit trial of employees and visitors will be at your fingertips in real-time.

Track HR process

Custom restrictions – The Mitrefinch Access Control system allows restrictions to be placed on any control point, allowing or prohibiting selected staff access at set hours during the day or night.


Full Control – You can program the Mitrefinch Access Control system to open your premise or areas within your premises automatically at a set time but allowing authorised access before that point.


Integrated Biometric technology – tired of carrying key fobs and swipe cards? With Mitrefinch access control you can simply use your finger to gain access to your premises.           


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