How can Employee Absence Management software help you?

In any business, attendance management is an important consideration, as absenteeism can have many negative effects on the company's production levels and profitability.

Keeping track of employees can be difficult. At Mitrefinch, we strive to give you full visibility of employee absences. Our Absence Management Software allows you to adapt your staffing and business around planned and even unplanned absences. Mitrefinch software can track, in real-time, who is absent when they shouldn’t be, allowing your company to take prompt action to tackle the issue. 

Our easy to use system allows you to…


Track employee absences

Track employee absences – Mitrefinch even allows you to track direct costs such as payroll and overtime costs, and indirect costs like lost productivity and training requirements for replacement employees.

Employee responsibility

Give your employees responsibility - Both managers and employees can check leave entitlements, recent clockings, flexitime entitlements, and any anomalies the system has picked up in real-time.

Spot trend

Spot trends – It can be hard to spot patterns such as an employee arriving late every Thursday morning, but with our software trends like these are easy to spot and take action.

Leave Calendar

Departmental leave calendar – Mitrefinch’s absence management system allows managers to see not just how one person’s absence looks across a calendar, but what a whole department’s leave looks like, so finally that wall calendar can be binned! 

Simple and complex work rules

Simple and complex work rules – It doesn't matter if your workplace has one rule or 20 rules for taking leave, the Mitrefinch system can handle a whole host of different requirements. The employee can even receive a notification telling them a request cannot be granted and why that is before the request is sent to their manager.

Long lunches and early leavers

Long lunches and early leavers? – Do you know who is taking a long lunch every other day? Do you know who is always leaving early on a Friday? With Mitrefinch Absence Management software, you’ll be able to quickly and easily see who isn’t quite working the correct hours and take actions to remedy it.





Self Service

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By implementing Mitrefinch Absence Management software, you can bring surprising results to your company, becoming aware and informed on how absence impacts your business.

By using our Absence Management software, managers and supervisors can easily track and report on absenteeism in the organisation, this information helps improve productivity and reduce overheads.



What can I do with absence management software?

Track employee absences

Set up different forms of absenteeism – planned sick leave, unplanned sick leave, holiday, personal leave or any label you wish to create.

 Absence Management

Managers or supervisors can use data to determine trends, look at individual employee absences and report on absenteeism for the company.

Spot trend

Notifications can be set up to send warnings if absences violate company rules, meaning you can be alerted to the things that matter to you.


Having the ability to track numerous types of leave by employees and line managers is an essential part of managing a modern workforce.


Track absence

Track your absence - Mitrefinch absence management has the ability to track categories such as holidays, personal days, sick days, short and long term disability and any custom absence category your company can think of.

Absence profile

Absence profile - Every employee is assigned an absence profile, this is then accessed through our software to view whenever an employee or manager would like.

Accept or reject

Accept or reject – Employees can request time off through the system. This request is then sent to the employee’s line manager who can reject or accept the request. If the request is approved the system is updated. You will always be able to look at live data to see your absence and the absence of employees you are responsible for.

Create rules

Create rules, avoid unauthorised leave – By creating rules for how much leave an employee is allowed to take you are able to limit unauthorised leave or human error mistakes made with paper based absence management.


Absence Management


Requests for holiday, sickness, or any other form of leave has never been easier!  In 3 easy steps your company can deal with an absence request, take a look…

Step 1

Step 1 – The employee requests time off, they can choose from a list of possible absence reasons or codes that have been defined by your company.

Employee responsibility

Step 2 – Depending on the system set up, either a line manager or other allocated manager then authorises (or declines) the request.


Failsafe – If the employee has no entitlement left or their request conflicts with other rules within the system then the request will be rejected without being sent to the line manager and a reason given for the rejection is displayed for the employee.

Spot trend

 Step 3 – Once authorised the amount of leave that has been signed off is deducted from that employee’s allowance.


Absence Management


But what happens when something doesn't go to plan? For example if an employee doesn't clocking in but is working away from the office, if an employee leaves early or has a lunch break too long…. an anomaly is created.

Track employee absences

Identify – See the absence anomalies before they become an issue.

Employee responsibility

Take action – From within the Mitrefinch system a manager can allocate the correct reason or code to the absence and approve it, or an employee can request that the anomaly be treated as a “working away from the office” day for example.

Spot trend

Report – Reports can be run daily on anomalies either company or department wide, to view the anomalies before they become an issue. You can also compare planned hours or work against actual hours worked.      


Absence Management anomalies

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