Lloyds British

For over 200 years Lloyds British has been at the forefront of lifting, engineering and testing, from inspection to sales, Lloyds British covers many industries and disciplines to be a truly global force.

Lloyds British selected another company with years of experience to provide their Time and Attendance software for them, Mitrefinch. With our system employees can see schedules, hours worked in the past up and coming holidays and other leave entitlement.

Line managers suddenly have more time, holiday’s requests can be dealt with quickly and easily with a click of a button, this means employees are not waiting until a defined meeting to get leave approved using the Mitrefinch system.

Finally with a Mitrefinch system companies can maintain productivity by only allowing a certain number of employees with the same responsibilities or job role leave at any one time.  This is great as it means a company like Lloyds British always have enough staff on hand to do what they need to do to be a world leading organisation.

If you’d like to know what Mitrefinch could do for your company don’t hesitate to phone 01904 565 919, email sales@mitrefinch.co.uk or fill out the form on this page.