“Mitrefinch a very simple, effective and easy-to-use tool”


Wrigley Company - Case Study

The Wrigley Company is a house-hold name in the UK, having provided much-loved chewing gum and other confectionery to its customers for just less than one hundred years. Wrigley UK’s base in Plymouth is vital and strategic to the company’s worldwide operations, producing gum for the UK and overseas.

Mitrefinch Limited has a long and established relationship with Wrigley, going back to the early 1990s when our original time and attendance system was first installed at the Plymouth site. In 2000, Wrigley upgraded to our Windows-based Time Management System and hasn’t looked back since. The Mitrefinch TMS now serves around 600 employees on a daily basis. Payroll Supervisor at Plymouth, Carrie Partridge finds the TMS ‘extremely useful’ and also finds that ‘TMS…makes the process of holiday requests simple, which saves time and provides a better service to our staff.’

Nearly twenty years have passed since Wrigley first adopted the Mitrefinch system. Carrie Partridge commented, ‘since then, we have introduced Door Access for added security, the Time Allocation System in the Wrapping Department, which provides more accurate and detailed product cost reporting and we also have the .NET version of Mitrefinch to enable our team leaders/managers to maintain holidays, absences and also monitor sickness records using the Bradford Factor report. Carrie Partridge concludes that ‘the Mitrefinch system is a very simple, effective and easy-to-use tool’.