Walkers Shortbread


“Both TMS time & attendance and HR systems have greatly helped reduce our paperwork.”


Walkers Shortbread - Case Study

Walkers Shortbread is a house-hold name in the UK and around the world. Having started in 1898 with the modest aim of creating “The World’s Finest Shortbread” they have gone from strength to strength but have stayed true their original ambitions.

Mitrefinch provide Time and AttendanceHuman ResourceAccess Control and Payroll products to Walkers shortbread to allow them to make the most of every minute of every day within their business. With 800 employees using the system each and every day since 2003 the Mitrefinch system has grown with Walkers Shortbread in the last decade or so.

With our Time and Attendance system Walkers Shortbread are able to reduce absenteeism, improve punctuality, quick approve or reject leave requests, and create holiday rules for business critical roles. 

With our Payroll software they find auto enrolment pensions simple and easy, can run reports that are crucial when reporting to HMRC, they even link their time and attendance data to their payroll data to make it even easier to create an arcuate payslip for employees and much more.

The greatest benefit of using Mitrefinch for this world renowned shortbread maker is the simple fact it reduces paperwork, no more holiday forms going missing.

And that’s only two of the four products they use, for more information on our products click the links above, if you want to follow in Walkers Shortbread footsteps simply fill out the form on the right or ring 01904 565919 and we will be happy to discuss your options.