Synonymous with excellent soup, preserves, condiments and chutneys for over 140 years, used by the Royal Family Baxters of Speyside are the final word in their industries. The Baxter family continue to taste every recipe and no product leaves the kitchen until it meets the exacting standards of Audrey Baxter. Only then will she commit her signature of approval to the product label.

Just like Baxters, Mitrefinch work incredibly hard to ensure all its products are the best they can be for our customers. Mitrefinch is proud to work with Baxters, we ensure that they have the very best Time and Attendance, HR and Payroll systems to enable them to spend less time on admin tasks and more time one doing what matters to them, making quality food for the nation.

With Mitrefinch Time and Attendance software Baxters can quickly approve leave requests without the need for paperwork and face to face meetings. Baxters can prevent too many employees of one department taking leave at the same time and so ensuring that Baxters never drop their productivity.

HR has many of its key requirements rooted in keeping files, records and information in a central location so they can be retrieved with ease and being able to report on the information you hold on your employees. This is what Mitrefinch specialise in being able to do. Not only can changes to records can be back dated or future dated to comply with planned changes to an employee’s salary for example, reports can also be run for a certain point in time to take advantage of this functionality.

Mitrefinch Payroll software takes advantage of the time and attendance data already gained from your employee’s clock in and out each day. Our Payroll software also benefits from an audit trail so you can see who made change, when it was made and what was changed.

This is just one of our 3,500 customers worldwide Mitrefinch has, if you’re interested in Time and Attendance, HR or Payroll solutions talk to us today.